Top Things you Didn’t Know About Fast Cars

The difference between 276.856 mph and 2567 mph is essentially not significant in real life; people will always prefer being faster even though the difference between the two may only be a matter of seconds or a minute. Since the car racing industry was introduced, there also begun competition of producing the fastest car and this is the reason car industries are growing. Car producers fill the demand by producing the fast cars that people watch movies.

The Ford Mustang

Most Mustang purists will tell you that Mustangs are luxurious, light and perfect on the racing track. It explains the increased preference for the car for racing activities. Besides, that almost every car video game has a ford mustang this shows that they are desirable favorites to win races. However, there are those facts not known to everyone and anyone. The 1967 Shelby Mustangs, for instance, used Mercury Cougar tail lamps while the 1968 models used the lamps that were found in the 1966 Ford Thunderbird.

A Formula One car’s exhaust System

Aluminum is known to melt at 660 degree Celsius whereas the formula one car exhaust can get up to 10000 degree Celsius. It means that the exhaust system of a formula one car can melt aluminum. It is the reason the car is made up of exotic metals which are very expensive such that one tailpipe of a formula one costs more than an average road car.

An average formula one car stops in three seconds

Less than three seconds indeed. In less than a minute, a formula one car can stop be parked, get jacked up and all the four tires replaced, and the car gets back on the race. The turnaround time makes the sport the most efficient regarding parameters. No one takes undue advantage from another’s tire burst.

Manholes need to be welded down before a race

Race cars at very high speeds produce massive amounts of vacuum. This space works to help it get sucked into the ground. Therefore, if there is a loose manhole along the way of the race course it may get sucked up by the fast moving car. This fact was not known in the past, and it led to some significant damages.

Almost everything in a standard car was meant for a fast car

Most of the average vehicles in use today are expected to move you from one place to another safely and not as fast. However, every single part of an average car was specifically meant to help someone else go more rapidly, long time before it was supposed to keep you safe.

The roof of a Ford GT

For safety purposes, most of these cars come with reinforced chassis components and body elements that lower the collision impact in the event of an accident. For instance, the Ford GT is an ideal example of a strong car as a roof crush test ended up breaking the crushing machine. That is not only a sign of safety but the durability of the car.

Fast Cars and Race Teams

Ultimately, the speed capacity of determines if a car is good enough to get the desired results in a competitive race. In the advent of increased sporting activities around the world, the racing world has seen massive investments geared towards the sector. That perhaps explains why every company takes pride in hosting annual and bi-annual racing events where private competitors are invited. As a result, people have formed organized racing teams where they participate in recent competitions.

The McLaren F1 Gearbox

The model is not only known for its fast speed but also of the streamlined body, customized features and state of the art operating technology. When the F1 gearbox was being tested it used an old Chevy V8 engine in testing, the vehicle needed enough torque to get two times of what was expected by the manufacturer.

Acceleration of a top race car

With most of the fast cars used for racing purposes, their acceleration capacity is a crucial priority for the drivers. If you are not aware, the racing tracks contain curves, hills and rough terrains that require the drivers to adjust the speed with the terrain. The rate of acceleration is likely to influence the winner of a race. Nevertheless, most of the cars tend to reach 200mph in three seconds.


New Cars

It’s always some good news when you get yourself in the automotive market, searching for your first car. The bad news is that you may lack the necessary information to sail through the compound process. While the salespeople will be all smiles showing you the options, their primary intention is to achieve a given sales target, while your needs come second. When it comes to buying new cars, and perhaps the latest models, it becomes even harder as you may not get enough details from peers.

Nevertheless, the lack of information and the complex should not deter you from acquiring your dream car model. In fact, even the most experienced car testers were once new to the industry. Buying a new car is the best way to reduce maintenance costs and enjoy the luxury that comes with the modern innovations. If you are almost acquiring a new vehicle, mastering the following tips gives you an upper hand the purchase process.

Know your lifestyle

The first step towards buying a new car is understanding your personal lifestyle to determine the best type that suits needs. If you are likely to participate in car racing, you don’t need to buy the popular family brands, and if you are the kind that enjoys nature hikes, you may consider a high performance and reliable models meant for such use. Acquiring a model that suits your activities lowers the need for hiring and the maintenance associated costs.

Time your purchase

In most instances, the automotive dealers operate on monthly cycles. With most of them setting the targets at the start of the year, the annual sales objectives are broken down into monthly goals reviewed at the beginning of each month. On the other hand, vehicle manufacturers offer the dealers incentives based on the set monthly sales volume. For this reason, most of the dealers are likely to compromise the profit objective in pursuance of manufacturer’s bonuses.

Consider making your purchase at the end of the month and you are sure to enjoy price discounts from your dealer. Since many buyers are likely to visit the dealers during weekends, you may not complete a deal in time. Visiting a car dealer on a mid-weekday saves you time and money, as many sales executives are keen to earn your transaction.

Your credit history

In the modern economy, most of the car buyers rely on loans in acquiring their first vehicle. You need to make the necessary financing preparations to prevent last minute frustrations. Your credit score is a primary factor that determines the eligibility for credit services, hence vital to check the updated score before commencing loan application process.

Conduct a background check on the dealers

With the massive changes in the modern markets, it’s possible to buy different products from the comfort of your location. While that has come to a reprieve for the clients, you are likely to get a raw deal if you rush the process. With the excitement involved, you are likely to bypass necessary checks only to realize you made the wrong choice after driving off the yard.

First, conduct a background check on several car dealers through customer reviews as it indicates the expectations. Avoid sealing a deal with the seller on the first visit, as you are likely to miss on potential discounts offered by other dealers. As if not enough, it’s vital to get detailed quotes from different sellers to see the best that suits your budget and needs.

Confirm the brand availability

With increased appetite for new cars, everyone has a particular model in mind way before they get the money. Unknown to them is that vehicle manufacturers keep altering the specifications with each new release with some discontinuing the production of particular brands. For this purpose, you need to confirm whether the car you need is available for sale. It keeps you away from the common trap of brand switching tactics applied by the sales persons.

Check for rebates

Most of the vehicle manufacturers offer discounts that you could qualify when buying a new car. It gets even better if you belong to an association or work for a company that gives coupons; you need to get the information and seek the ones you qualify to take. Some dealers are not likely to make them public as keeping them earns them additional profit.




The Ultimate Guide to Buying Used Race Cars

Motor racing is amusing, no misgiving about it. Driving a modern or a vintage racing car on the racing track looks like the greatest way to spend your free time and perhaps enjoy the sounds of the cheering crowds. With the increasing appetite for racing cars, many people fall for brands that they hardly know about, just because they walked in a bazaar and convinced by the sales executives. In the modern market, it’s convenient and easy to locate a racing car at the click of a button, thanks to online marketing platforms.

While that appears suitable, you need to examine your potential ride to ensure it serves your requirements. While many people aspire to participate in the enjoyable activity, the cost of new model racing cars makes it hard for the low-income earners to enjoy the luxury. However, the rise of vintage car racing clubs has come as a relief for those that can afford the classic sports cars and those that fancy the old models.

When it comes to buying used cars, one need to understand the features that make it suitable for vintage racing. If you are not conversant with the motor industry, you may need an experienced car dealer to assist you in getting the correct version that is in good working condition. Consider registering to an existing racing club before you even consider buying the racing car, as some could be specific to models and years of manufacture.

Considerations to make when buying secondhand racing cars.

The history of the Sports Car

Every used asset has a history that one needs to know before committing the money. Traditionally, tracing the history of property required intensive research based on printed documents and numerous visits to state departments. With online databases in place, you can retrieve past records of the vintage car and derive information about recent accidents, lawsuits, and change of ownership. As if not enough, you can obtain an extensive history report that indicates the service history, usage, emission levels and hence make an informed decision.

The model

Just like other commodities, people have varying preferences when it comes to new and used vehicles. Over a few decades, vehicle manufacturers have engaged in brand competitions with each trying to secure a new market, and keep the existing one. It’s not different for racing cars, as producers compete in the aspects of vehicle safety feature, performance, stability, and resilience among others.

Nevertheless, most people are always looking for a unique set of features that can only be found in a particular model. A houston plumber bought a race car to market his business. It was only for advertising. Outward appearance was foremost. Performance wasn’t the issue. It was having a car that was an attention getter. For this reason, you need to set up a list of priorities and then shop for the car that suits all the requirements. Also, you may consider the past performance of particular brands in selecting your classic model.

The ease of use

If you are looking for a magical racing adventure, keep away from complicated operating systems. Some of the pre-owned sports vehicles come with improvised additional features that may be hard to control for new users. It’s common for racers to customize their cars to get maximum convenience and performance required to beat the peers in racing competitions.

Safety features

One key benefit of the classic racing cars is the low center of gravity that makes them hard to roll when negotiating sharp corners. Other than that, you need to inspect the safety features such as the airbags, the seat belts, the indicators, the reflectors and the seasonal tires. If some are not available, you may consider new installations before getting the car from the seller. However, all these features do not automatically guarantee safety for a reckless driver.

The market price

While you may be thrilled by the luxury brands such as Porsche, BMW, and Lamborghini, it’s vital to go for a brand that suits your budget. Usually, the prestigious names come at a higher purchase price and are even more expensive to service. If you cannot afford the luxury names, you can get affordable deals from vehicle brands such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda and Nissan among others. Other than the purchase price, you need to factor the fuel consumption rate of the potential brands.

Physical condition

Used racing cars do not imply that they are used up. Unlike the personal family cars, the classic cars come with customized features that improve not only their physical appeal but also their functionality. After an outstanding selection, it’s vital to conduct a thorough physical inspection to ensure the car is not faulty.

If you are not an expert, hiring a reputable inspector assures you of getting the quality that suits your money. The mechanic should examine the condition of the body, the engine, the transmission system, the suspensions and the interior features. Vehicle inspections help in identifying the real value and perhaps identifying the areas that need immediate fixing.


Buying the first car is not an easy task. In most instances, first-time buyers lack adequate knowledge on the critical checkpoints hence ending up with the wrong models. While the seller is likely to give a comprehensive list of the car’s features, you need to experience and ascertain the rated performance and perhaps the comfort. It’s only through a test drive that you can identify faulty engines, gear systems, and stability on the road.